Managing Complex Neurological Disorders in the Community
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 Conference Overview

Have you ever stopped to ponder, what is that makes a neurological disorder or condition ‘complex’? Perhaps it is the nature of the condition and how it arises? Is it because you don’t often encountered patients with the disorder/condition in your clinical practice? Or is it simply that our understanding and knowledge of the condition and how patients are suffering is limited?!

In this unique one day conference we are delighted to invite you, a curious health professional, to come along to a series of educational talks that will delve into some of the perceived mysteries and issues associated with ‘complex’ neurological conditions, in an attempt to make them less ‘complex’, and thereby help you address some of the unmet care needs of the people living complex neurological disorders.


The programme is currently being finalised but the topics in the spotlight include:

• Epilepsy, Parkinson's and Autism - what links them?

• MND: Hope from dispair through multidisciplinary care

• Managing the challenges of Complex Epilepsy and Subsequent QoL impact

• Uncovering a complex neurological disorder - key signs & symptoms indicating the need for a referral

• When is a neurological presentation not a neurological condition?


Wherever you work, be it primary, secondary or community care, gaining a more fuller understanding of those neurological conditions that you are less frequently managing, should help to make them less ‘complex’, and therefore, help to optimise care by delivering a coordinated multidisciplinary approach that supports the quality of life of the patient and their family.

Come and enjoy an engaging day of presentations and networking, while sharing your thoughts and experience with colleagues to develope your clinical skills and knowledge base to optimise the management of 'complex' neurological disorders.

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